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NEW Scientific Research - NuScience 2022 For Man Attract Women - Androsterone Pheromone Sexually Stimulating Fragrance Oil Flirting Sexy Perfume Product

NuScience Research has developed worlds first Human Sex Pheromone which attracts woman. Cultivate confidence and express a magnified version of yourself with CG pheromone infused perfume oils. Choose from three dynamic fragrances. All specially formulated to blend with skin pH, provide a unique on-of-a-kind scent and boost sex appeal!Soft

Product Name: Pheromone perfume oil

Product specifications: 10ML / bottle

Product packaging: Glass bottle packaging

Applicable skin type: all skin types

Function: attracting the opposite sex, enhancing the attraction of men and women,

Man buys yellow

Woman buys white

Applicable method: Concentrated essential oils, Just a little smear. The wider the spray range, the better the perfume will fall on the body and leave a faint fragrance.

Spreadable part: the back side of the neck, the back side of the ears, the inside of the elbow, the sides of the waist, the inside of the knee, the joint of the foot

Package content: 1 bottle * pheromone perfume oil