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EMF Meter Protect Your Home From Magnetic, Electric Field Radiation 5G WiFi Detector

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    Radiation is completely invisible. It has no smell, no taste, and it is colourless, yet high exposure can nonetheless have serious effects on one's health.

    It is very important to be able to detect EMF levels in order to prevent the risks associated with long-term (chronic) exposure, whether it is in the home, at work, or elsewhere.

    EMF reader measuring instruments are especially important for businesses that utilize a lot of electronic equipment; an environment with high levels of electromagnetic radiation can cause severe interference with devices like radios, televisions, cell phones, and computers. This can prevent the equipment from working properly or even damage them beyond repair.

    Professional Trifield Emf Meter, RF field strength meter. EMF Meters are a great value instrument designed for measuring and monitoring Radio Frequency (RF) electromagnetic field strength.

    ✅ Capable of measuring frequency range 5Hz to 3.5 GHz with triple-axis X, Y and Z isotropic sensors.

    ✅ Great features including being able to record 200 measurements, low battery and overload indication and an easy
    to read LCD display which presents the information in a clear way making this device an easy to use instrument.

    Nowadays radio frequency (RF) and microwave fields can be found all over and are produced by

    ⛔️ Cordless phones
    ⛔️ Communications Towers & Mobile
    ⛔️ Wi-Fi
    ⛔️ Microwave ovens
    ⛔ Fridges
    ⛔ TV’s & Laptops
    ⛔ Underground Wiring
    ⛔ Faulty Household Internal Wiring
    ⛔ Plus Several Other Popular Devices 

    The ME-01 is an easy and safe device to use in order to measure RF electromagnetic field strength wherever there is a voltage or a current, electric and magnetic field arise.

    nty and lifetime technical consulting service support.

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How To Use EMF Meter

Electromagnetic fields are lines of energy invisible to the naked eye.  They are made by any type of electricity from power lines to appliances.  Transmission lines will have different readings at different times based on transmission line loads.  Outdoor EMF readings can be affected by trees, buildings, and vehicles in the area.


Hold your reader comfortably at waist level, upright, and slightly out in front of you.  Inaccurate readings can occur by waving, moving, or shaking your reader back and forth.  Try and keep it steady while you are conducting your readings.  Move slowly from place-to-place noting the fluctuations in the needle or digital display.


A base reading of the location is needed

Before the real investigation can begin. 

👉 Turn off all power points Take readings inside and outside. 

👉 Look for the lowest and highest EMF reading of the area and calculate the average.  That is your base reading for the area. 

👉 Turn each Power Point one by one

👉 Check each appliance , device , area and note the measurements

👉 Check all power points , ground measurements , local areas

How To Read EMF Meter

👉 Later, as you are taking readings and you get a spike, check your base reading.  A base reading of up to  10mv is no cause for alarm.  This could be just a natural change in the EMF of the area. 

👉 However, if your spike is exceeds 20mv points or more, it’s time to switch device, relocate or remove 

👉 200+mv is considered very dangerous and can possible cause DNA damage at a cellular level

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