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Men's Electric Penis Enlargement Vacuum Pump Penis Extender

1. Negative pressure/suction helps to relax the smooth muscle cells, this allows for sponge swells

2. After the sponge expands, arterial blood flows in to speed up the sponge hyperaemia and increases the hardness of your penis. The more the sponge is inflated, the more solid your penis will be and the more it will grow.

3. Air pressure will increase your cavernous body, with low vacuum pressure in the cylinder, your cavernous body will be exercised in a physical safe way.

4. Universal design, fits all.

This is the real vagina for Masturbate while exercising

Operational Guidelines:

1. Ensure that all parts are securely connected.

2. Apply a little lubricant around the silicone ring to reduce friction.

3. Gently insert your penis, ensure that the seal is airtight around your penis.

Instructions for use:

1. Before using, please charge it for 2 hours.

2. Long press the power button to turn on and off.

3. Automatic mode (operating mode will automatically cycle)

4. Manual mode (Short press change working mode)

5. Please press (exhaust key) or-key (shift down key) long for deceleration or stop. If the exhaust speed is too fast, leading to the penis with pull pain or discomfort. Please adjust to the pressure you feel most comfortable based on your personal condition.

Type 2 Penis Pump:

Type 4 Penis Pump:

Type 4 Penis Pump: