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One thing that all the beer enthusiasts agree upon is that their beer should be ice-cold to make it worthwhile.

✅The Beer Chiller Stick is an ideal gadget to keep your beer at low temperature for a long time!!

✅This beer cooler fits most beer brands snugly and it features a spill-resistant mouthpiece to avoid accidents. It is smooth, sturdy stainless steel frame freezes quickly, chills perfectly and cleans easily.

beer chiller stick的圖片搜尋結果

✅Unlike other beer chillers, this stick is designed to cool the beer from the inside and you can even drink through it.

Just freeze the tube and insert into your bottle. Now you can take your time drinking and rest assured that your bottle will stay ice cold!


✅This is perfect for parties, rave-ups, outdoor parties, camping, family gatherings, and other special events!!


✅Enjoy the experience of having your beer cold for a much longer period of time

✅Features an advanced cooling technology that keeps the beer cold till the last drop from the inside

✅100% FDA compliant, eco-friendly and BPA Free

✅Applicable for most beer bottles - 18mm to 20mm neck diameter

✅It doesn’t dilute beverages to keep their original flavour

✅Silicone sealing ring prevents leakage

✅Easy to use, just the chiller stick and then put it into the freezer for about 30 mins

✅Designed to be easy on the lips when drinking from the bottle and for easy pouring when using a glass


  • Material: Food Grade Stainless Steel
  • Rod Length: 21.5 cm


  • 1pc - Beer Chiller Stick
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